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The Calumet BioBlitz documented the wide diversity of plants, animals, fungi, and micro-organisms living in the area’s woodland, grassland, and aquatic habitats. During and immediately following the 24-hour BioBlitz, a team of volunteers persevered in entering all the data from stacks of species lists turned in by the 26 teams of scientists. Over 2,200 species were recorded. This data has been compiled and is available here in a searchable database.

As of spring 2004, there has been 1 known newly discovered genus/species to Science: a beetle in the LOMECHUSINI Tribe of the Staphylinidae family. A number of the micro-moths are probably also newly discovered genus/species, but at this time have not been identified. On the next page you will find a list of species broken down by taxa groups which are:

 newly discovered to the region;

 new records for the sampled area (not previously documented);

 or considered to have been extirpated from the region but have reasserted their presence.

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