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An event as large as the BioBlitz takes an extraordinary collaboration of dedicated people. No single institution has the expertise and people-power necessary. Over 130 scientists, citizen scientists, students, and local citizens from across Illinois and neighboring Indiana formed 26 teams of specialists covering everything from algae and ants to vascular plants and zooplankton.

We list below the Calumet BioBlitz team leaders.

Eastern Illinois University

John Ebinger (Plants)

Field Museum

Jochen Gerber (Molluscs) Paul Goldstein (Butterflies & Moths)
Gary Merrill (Bryophytes, Ferns, & Allies) Andrew Miller (Sac Fungi)
Greg Mueller (Fungi) Al Resetar (Amphibians & Reptiles)
Doug Stotz (Birds) Margaret Thayer (Beetles)
Phil Willink (Fishes)

Forest Preserve District of Cook County

Chris Anchor (Ectoparasites) Jim Chelsvig (Mammals)
Laura Rericha (Ants)

Illinois Natural History Survey

Chris Dietrich (Bugs) Ed Dewalt (Insects)
Roman Rakitov (Leaf Hoppers) Steve Taylor (Bugs)
Jeremy Tiemann (Molluscs) Dave Voegtlin (Insects)
Ed Zaborski (Mites)

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Nathan Brindza (Zooplankton)

University of Illinois - Champaign

Charles Mark Bee (Protozoa) Carrie DeJaco (Algae)
Dave Ketzner (Lichens) Emerson Lacey (Wasps)
Jim Nardi (Soil Invertebrates) Xinping Wang (Spiders)

US Environmental Protection Agency

Rosalyn Johnson (Bees)

US Fish & Wildlife

Mike Redmer (Crustacea)

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