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Site: Collector: Altitude:
  CP1 N/A
  CP1.1 N/A
  CP10 Soejarto 330 (m)
  CP100 NM Cuong N/A
  CP1001 MV Xinh 684 (m)
  CP1002 MV Xinh N/A
  CP1003 MV Xinh N/A
  CP1004 MV Xinh N/A
  CP101 NM Cuong N/A
  CP1010 NM Cuong 200 (m)
  CP1011 NM Cuong N/A
  CP1011.1 N/A
  CP1012 NM Cuong 350 (m)
  CP1013 NM Cuong 200 (m)
  CP1014 NM Cuong 250 (m)
  CP1015 NM Cuong 250 (m)
  CP1016 NM Cuong 180 (m)
  CP1017 NM Cuong 300 (m)
  CP1018 NM Cuong N/A
  CP1018.1 N/A
  CP1019 NM Cuong 250 (m)
  CP102 NM Cuong N/A
  CP1020 NM Cuong 250 (m)
  CP1021 NM Cuong 250 (m)
  CP1022 NM Cuong 180 (m)

For more information, contact:
Dr. Doel Soejarto or Dr. Marian R. Kadushin

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