Rapid Biological Inventories: What do we do?

The rapid biological inventory teams use protocols that are specific to the organism groups under study and which are often modified to meet the demands of a particular expedition. If you are interested in the specifics of these protocols, please look at the "Methods" section for each organism group (plants, birds, mammals, fish, amphibians and reptiles, etc.) in the "Technical Report" section of each rapid biological inventory report.

Click on the document name below to download a PDF file of the "Technical Report" section of each rapid biological inventory report.

Bolivia: Pando, Río Tahuamanu (63K)

Perú: Bíabo Cordillera Azul (183K)

Ecuador: Serranías Cofán–Bermejo, Sinangoe (137K)

Bolivia: Pando Federico Román (135K)

We are preparing manuscripts that describe the rationale and practice of the "variable transect" methods used for our inventories of vegetation. Drafts of these documents are available here in PDF format (38K).

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