Rapid Biological Inventories: Results from the Field: Bolivia 01

01: Bolivia: Pando Rio Tahuamanu

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The success of Rapid Biological Inventories depends on the efforts of a large group working tirelessly together before, during and after the field expedition. We thank the many collegues, partners, and friends who ensured that (1) the trip ran smoothly, (2) inventory participants were kept up to date on events in Pando, and (3) inventory results were put to immediate use. Leila Porter, Edilio Nacimento, Anita Christen, Sandra Suárez, Hannah Buchanan, and Teresa Tarifa are just a few of the workers who have been dedicated to biological issues in the Río Tahuamanu region in recent years. Their efforts, along with those of Julio Rojas, Mario Baudoin, Robert Wallace, Damián Rumiz, Juan Pablo Arce, Chelsea Specht, and James Aparicio, among others, set the stage for the conservation activities in the region and for this rapid inventory.

Tim Sullivan responded to the initial call for action from Bolivia and organized the participation from the Chicago Zoological Society . Tyana Wachter and Sophie Twichell (The Field Museum) solved problems with magical efficiency. Lois (Lucho) Jammes contributed his skills in the air (with excellent overflights) and also the ground. Tim Killeen (Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff Mercado) provided satellite images. The people of Pando - from San Sebastián to Palmera to Pingo de Oro to Cobija - showed deep hospitality to our team.

We sincerely thank the Governor of Pando, Honorable Roger Pinto, for spending hours with us discussing conservation opportunities, as well as for organizating meetings in Cobija. We thank the former Diputado (current Mayor of Cobija), Honorable Miguel Becerra, who responded quickly to our calls from the field and arranged meetings with the government officials. We are grateful to the President of the Senate, Honorable Leopoldo Fernandez Ferreira, for his interest, focus, and encouragement.

We thank the owners and managers of Empresa Aserradero San Martín for their willingness to discuss the establishment of the Tahuamanu Ecological Reserve within their logging concession.

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