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Welcome to the Rapid Color Guides page. Whether taken to the field or used only on a computer screen, such guides fill a gap in the published material available to identify live species growing in tropical lands. Most of these guides are designed for use in the field, and, after free downloading, all can be printed out from the high-quality PDF files to make two-sided plastic coated sheets. If you need for us to print, laminate, and ship guides to you, please see: (ordering info). If you want us to develop a new guide for you (if you already have photos of identified species), or if you have designed your own guide and want to post it on this page, please see About Making Guides or contact us at: rrc@fieldmuseum.org.

Below is a list of the guides currently available, and the lists are sortable on the screen by guide number, country/region, title, author, and subject matter. After clicking on a title below, you will see a low-resolution sample page and links for viewing or downloading the guide. Those with numbers beginning 400 are simply posted on this site and entirely the responsibility of the authors.

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Guide Country/Region Abbreviated Title Authors Subject Taxonomic Group
548 GREENLAND Plants of Greenland Holt Flora-General MIXED
528 INDIA Himalayas -- Salix & Populus Chanda Trees,Shrubs SALICACEAE
383 USA Amphibians and Reptiles of the Calumet Region Resetar, Reid FAUNA AMPHIBIA & REPTILIA
381 USA Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of Illinois Bland Fauna MIXED
505 USA Asters of the Chicago Region Collings, Balaban Climbers,epiphytes,herbs ASTERACEAE
503 USA Common Plant Families of the Chicago Region Garness, Balaban, Schillo Flora-General MIXED
388 USA Damselflies of Chicagoland Garrison FAUNA ARTH. INSECTA-Odonata
534 USA Pennsylvanian Age Fossils of Northeastern Illinois, USA Wittry, Glasspool Paleobotany  
384 USA Sedges (Carex) of the Chicago Region Rothrock, et al Climbers,epiphytes,herbs CYPERACEAE
385 USA Shrubs of the Chicago Region Rothrock,et al TREES & SHRUBS MIXED
513 USA Woodland Spring Flora of the Chicago Region Collings, Balaban Climbers,epiphytes,herbs MIXED
387 USA Chicago Lakefront Fishes Willink FAUNA PICES s.l.
533 USA Common Butterflies of the Chicago Region Collings, Balaban Fauna ARTH. INSECTA-Lepidoptera
380 USA Common Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Chicago Region Balaban FAUNA ARTH. INSECTA-Odonata
382 USA Common Frogs and Toads of the Chicago Region Redmer, et al FAUNA AMPHIBIA & REPTILIA
389 USA Common Goldenrods of the Chicago Region Schillo Climbers,epiphytes,herbs ASTERACEAE
500 USA Common Oaks of Chicago Corio, Schillo Trees & Shrubs FAGACEAE
390 USA Common Spiders of the Chicago Region Balaban, et al FAUNA ARTH. ARACHNIDA-Araneae
386 USA Freshwater Mussels of Chicago Wilderness Klocek, et al FAUNA MOLLUSCA
343 USA North Carolina -- Common Lichens Perlmutter, Rivas LICHENS CRYPTOGAMS-LICHENS

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