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(Common birds, fish, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles found in the state of Pando, northern Bolivia.)

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(Dept. of Zoology - Division of Mammals)
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(Dept. of Zoology - Division of Amphibians and Reptiles)
This is part of a program to create tools to speed up the identification of organisms, and speed up the learning and identification process for everyone: biologists and beginners. Tropical animal species are not well known, especially the smaller ones. In many tropical areas there are only a few illustrated books that will help you get started. Most of the advanced books are either too heavy, too technical, too expensive, or have too few pictures (or none). If you are a biologist coming back from the field, the lack of specimens or illustrations to compare with will slow down your work.

To alleviate these problems we are trying out several different approaches, both hard-copy and web-based. The Rapid Color Guides (now ready to download) are inexpensive sheets you can take into the field, filled with illustrations of animals. These images eventually should be accessible on CDs, DVDs, or hand-held computers screens in the field when that becomes more practical than the hard-copy.

We welcome corrections, suggestions, and interest in collaboration to make other guides at: rrc@fieldmuseum.org. We have a sister site of Tropical Plant Guides.

Development of this page is supported in part by grants from the Andrew Mellon Foundation and the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation to The Field Museum. Additional support for these projects comes from members of The Field Museum community: Withrow Meeker, Ellen Hyndman, Tobey & John Taylor & the Warwick Foundation, Liza & Al Pyott, and Jamee & Marshall Field.

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