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Neotropical Live Plant Photos
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Neotropical Herbarium Specimens
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Red Book of Peruvian Endemics
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This is part of our program to create tools to speed up the identification of organisms, and speed up the learning and identification process for everyone: biologists and beginners. Except for some showy plants that are cultivated, tropical plant species are not well known. If you find yourself in a tropical forest there are few illustrated books that will help you get started. Most of the advanced books are either too heavy, too technical, too expensive, or have too few pictures (or none). If you are a biologist coming back from the field with specimens to identify, the lack of specimens or illustrations to compare with will slow everything down.

To alleviate these problems we are trying out several different approaches, both hard-copy and web-based. The Rapid Color Guides (now ready to download) are inexpensive sheets you can take into the field, filled with illustrations of live plants. Micro-Herbaria are books made from reductions of scanned herbarium specimens. Using these same digital images supplemented by thousands more, we are creating databases of plant images that can be searched using different aspects of plants' form and geography. These will be available to anyone with access to the web, and eventually should be accessible on CDs, DVDs, or hand-held computers screens in the field when that becomes more practical than the hard-copy.

We welcome corrections, suggestions, and interest in collaboration to make other guides at: fieldguides@fieldmuseum.org. We have a sister site of Tropical Animal Guides.

Development of these pages is supported in part by grants from the Andrew Mellon Foundation and the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation to the Environmental & Conservation Programs (ECP) of The Field Museum. Additional support for these projects comes from members of The Field Museum community: Withrow Meeker, Ellen Hyndman, Tobey & John Taylor & the Warwick Foundation, Liza & Al Pyott, and Jamee & Marshall Field.

Design and implementation of this page and the Rapid Color Guides page has been a group effort including Robin Foster, Margaret Metz, Heike Betz, Helga Karsten, Allyson Meyer, Mary Giblin, and most recently: Ryan Peters, who developed the downloadable PDF files, Tyana Wachter who made the spanish translation, and Juliana Philipp who made the Portuguese translation.

Design and implementation of the Neotropical Herbarium Specimens page by Corine Vriesendorp, Ryan Peters, Mike Contraveos, Robin Foster, Heike Betz and Erica Bishop. Scanning of specimen images by Sarah Kaplan, Ryan Peters, Edna Davion, Allison Beck, Lydia Gentry, Ute Knoerr, Aaron Franklin, Amber Staub, Tyana Wachter, Juliana Philipp, Jean Fincher, Pablo . Mounting of specimens by Freddie Robinson, Darlene Dowdy, Alicia Castro.

Design & Implementation of Neotropical Live Plant Photos by Robin Foster, Ryan Peters, Mike Contraveos, and Erica Bishop. Scanning of photos by Mary Giblin, Margaret Metz, Heike Betz, Tyana Wachter, Sarah Kaplan, Juliana Philipp,.

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